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MSPbots is a data-driven Robotic Process Automation platform specifically designed to use apps, reports, and bots that help MSPs automate repetitive day-to-day tasks.

  • MSPbots integrates more than 70 popular MSP software products, like ConnectWise, Datto, Kaseya, N-able, QuickBooks, and Liongard. With thousands of prebuilt assets that allow the creation of automations based on data, we have way more Datasets than any other MSP dashboard software in the market. 
  • MSPbots has more than 3000 prebuilt Dashboards, Widgets that give you actionable data, with integration with eCharts, we can help you visualize your data any way you want.
  • More importantly, the bots can take actions like monitoring any KPI dashboards, providing real-time, micro training type of alerts to help tech utilization, time entry compliance, ticket life cycle compliance, agreement profitability, managing attendance, etc.
  • The NextTicket Manager automates ticket dispatch and saves 80% your dispatchers' or technician's time with 100 times more accurate and faster results.
  • Attendance app helps you improve utilization and gain visibility of your technician.

With MSPbots, you can:

  1. Link popular software applications to convert API data to easy-to-use datasets in MSPbots
  2. Use prebuilt dashboards to help you make decision or create your own dashboards based on the datasets provided by MSPbots
  3. Use prebuilt bots to automate repetitive, mundane tasks or create your own bots using our no code, low code platform in minutes
  4. Use the prebuilt Apps to address certain programs in your business

Get started

MSPbots platform is a freemium platform with a FREE FOREVER version that contains some limited but powerful functions.

  1. You can sign up for free with your Microsoft Office 365 account at https://app.mspbots.ai
  2. Connect your Integrations so MSPbots can create the Datasets for you.
  3. Once your Datasets are ready, you will be able to use prebuilt Widgets or create new widgets.
  4. You can also review the prebuilt Dashboards and create new reports.
  5. You can start using existing Bots or create new bots based on the widgets and datasets.
  6. You can start browsing the prebuilt Apps.

Data Security

Data security is very important for every MSP. Check our Data Security page for more details. 

Get help

  1. Search the wiki page.
  2. Send email to support@mspbots.ai.
  3. Contact phone support for paying clients: 1-312-205-5608. 

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