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1. What are Dashboards?

Dashboards are containers of widgets. On the Dashboards page are the custom and template reports that you can review for use. You can also add new widgets, adjust the size, and rearrange the position of these on the screen. 

new dashboards

2. Prebuilt Dashboards

The following prebuilt dashboards are ready for use.

3. Dashboard Types

3.1. Template

Template dashboards are the reports created by MSPbots for every MSPbots user. You can view them and add filters, but you can't edit or delete them.

If you want to edit the template reports, please "clone" them to a custom report first.

3.2. Custom

Custom dashboards are created for your account only. You have full editing permission on these dashboards and can apply any change that you need to make.

4. Dashboard Design

If you have permission, you can design the dashboard by clicking the design button.

Once you are in the design mode, you can move the mouse over the widgets and do the following:

  1. Move the widget.
  2. Edit the widget.
  3. Remove the widget from the report. (Doing this will only remove the widget from the dashboard and will NOT delete it.)
  4. Adjust the size of the widget by dragging the lower right corner of the frame. 

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