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ConnectWise Automate, ConnectWise Manage, and Kaseya VSA can be connected to MSPbots through API or SQL Agent integration. Both methods can be used to connect your software and meet your integration requirements. If your ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Automate, or Kaseya VSA is self-hosted, you will have the option to use either SQL-based data integration or API-based data integration. However, if your ConnectWise Manage or ConnectWise Automate is hosted by ConnectWise, or if your Kaseya VSA is hosted by Kaseya, then you can only connect it via API.

Before you integrate your PSA with MSPbots, here are some points for consideration. 

  • API integration and on-premise SQL Agent integration have different dataset structures. The widgets and dashboards cannot be exchanged or migrated easily even if data is pulled from the same server. 

  • API Integrations are more efficient because many of these, including Webhook API, use incremental synchronization where most data calculation is done in the cloud. The calculation for API integrations with MSPbots is done on the MSPbots server, minimizing work for your on-site server and significantly enhancing the speed and efficiency of complex calculations, especially those that require high processing power or involve large datasets. 

  • MSPbots has more datasets, widgets, and templates for API than SQL datasets and widgets. This allows your software to interact seamlessly with MSPbots functions and features, enabling greater flexibility in connecting and exchanging data.

  • SQL Agent (on-premise) integration should only be used in the following situations:
    • You are migrating from another software and want to keep everything unchanged for a smooth migration. 
    • You are an advanced SQL user developing new SQL-based datasets. MSPbots do not create new SQL datasets or widgets for clients due to unique database structures that require significant effort and may cause inefficiencies.

  • If you choose to set up both API integration and SQL integration for the same server, an extra workload will be added to your server. Monitor your server's performance. 

  • The API and on-premise integrations for ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Automate, and Kaseya VSA are separate integrations. Aside from a Professional bundle subscription, you must purchase the integration you want to use and ensure that it is included in your subscription. Once the integrations are added to your billing account, you can use either API, on-premise, or both integrations at the same time. This applies to applications set up in the cloud or on-premise. 

    For example, if you are using ConnectWise Automate On-Premise on your servers, you can connect to MSPbots using the API version of ConnectWise Automate. If you can't find a suitable dataset from our template API datasets, you can purchase the ConnectWise Automate On-Premise integration to get data directly from your servers. This gives advanced SQL users in your company the flexibility to use API data along with your SQL queries to ensure all the data needed will be available for your use in the MSPbots app.