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The NextTicket Manager is an automated ticket dispatch system that helps technicians and dispatchers identify the ticket that will be worked on next based on a combination of a pre-defined scoring system and rules. The NextTicket Manager for Halo is specifically designed for HaloPSA users who want to achieve more efficient ticket prioritization and management. For more information on NextTicket and how it works, read the article What is NextTicket Manager

What's in this article:

1. Why should I use the NextTicket Manager for Halo? 

The NextTicket Manager for Halo has the following benefits for your MSP: 

  • Automatic and unbiased ticket dispatching - Tickets are automatically dispatched based on a point system and priority rules. This ensures that dispatchers and technicians assign and work on tickets objectively, according to approved priority, importance, and time criticality.
  • Prioritization based on company requirements - The priority rules and point system that define NextTicket prioritization are based on the priorities, importance, and criticality approved by the company. This improves the speed and accuracy of ticket assignment and prioritization remarkably. As a dispatcher, you save 80% of your time allotted for assigning tickets and see the highest ticket priority for each technician based on their skill set.
  • Quick identification of next tickets - As a technician, you can quickly identify the tickets you should work on next and monitor tickets scheduled for the day on the same page. You can also reject a ticket if you cannot work on it yet as long as you provide a valid reason for rejection. 

2. How can I access NextTicket Manager for Halo?

To access the NextTicket app for Halo in MSPbots, follow these steps:

  1. log in to the MSPbots app.​
  2. Click Apps in the left pane.​
  3. When the Apps tab opens, click NextTicket for Halo.​

3. Prerequisites

Ensure that you have the following before using the NextTicker Manager for Halo:

  • A successful Halo integration with MSPbots 
    Halo integration with MSPbots
  • Your technicians and dispatchers are in the company's active directory 
  • Admin permissions for setting up the filters, points system, and priority rules 
  • Priority Rules are set up. 
  • Optional: Companies have been added to the Watch List

4. FOR ADMINS: Setup Procedure  

Only Admin users have permission to adjust the settings for the NextTicket app.

4.1. Set the ticket filter

You can set filters to narrow down the tickets applicable to each technician. 

To set the ticket filter, follow these steps:

setting NextTicket filters

  1. On the NextTicket for Halo screen, select the Tickets filter list, and then click Add New Filter
  2. When the Filter Settings window opens, enter a name for your filter in the Filter Name box.
  3. Next, add a condition for your filter by selecting the appropriate filter type from the Select Fields list.
  4. To complete your condition, enter additional details in the two new fields or lists that appear beside the Select Fields dropdown.
  5. When you're done setting up the filter, click Save.

    If you want to add more groups or conditions for the filter, click and then select either Add Group or Add Condition.
    add filter condition
    To see a preview of the new filter settings or conditions and check if these work as expected, click Preview before you save the changes. 
    preview NextTicket filter
    You can also set a color filter by selecting Colour from the filter list. 
    color filer_NextTicket for Halo

    For more information on NextTicket filters, read the article How to Setup Filters for NextTicket Manager

4.2. Delete filter conditions

Filter conditions are deleted in the Filter Settings window. 

  • To delete filter conditions individually, click corresponding to the filter condition that you want to delete.
    delete a condition
  • To delete all filter conditions at once, clickand then click Clear All
    delete multiple conditions

4.3. Reject the top-priority ticket of a user

The next priority ticket and its details appear after you select a filter and a user on the NextTicket for Halo screen. If you think that the ticket should not be the top priority ticket of the user, you can reject the ticket. It is also necessary to specify the reason why the user can't work on the ticket.​

To reject the top priority ticket of a user, follow these steps:

reject ticket

  1. On the NextTicket for Halo screen, select the applicable filter from the Tickets filter list.
  2. From the User list, select the applicable user to see his or her top priority ticket. 
  3. Once the details of the user's top priority ticket appear on the screen, review the details, and then click Reject Next Ticket.
  4. When the Reject Reason window opens, select or type the reason why you want to reject the ticket, and then click Save
    reject reason

5. FOR ADMINS: Set up the point system for priority rules​

You can define the point system for the NextTicket for Halo priority rules to calibrate the prioritization of the tickets. 

5.1. How to set up the point system

  1. Click Settings on the NextTicket for Halo screen, and select NextTicket For Halo Priority Rules.
  2. Go to the Tickets filter and User fields and select the options that apply to your requirements.
  3. Next, set up the priority rules.
    1. Select a ticket priority type from the If ticket priority = field.
    2. Select a ticket status from the and ticket status in field. 
    3. Then in the add points field, enter the number of points that will be given to tickets that meet the condition selected in Steps 3a and 3b. 
      set priority rule
      To set advanced rules, see the section on How to add an advanced rule below. 

      You can refer to the section on the priority rules and functions below to know which rules meet your requirements. The rows of priority rules are expanded by default. You can click the Priority Point rules switch to collapse all rows.
  4. After setting up each priority rule, you can click do any of the following:
    • Click in front of the rule to enable the rule.
    • Click the Load Default button to load the default value for the rule.
    • Click the Edit button to configure advanced rules. Only advanced rules can be edited.
    • Click the Save & Test button to save the changes for the specific priority rule and to test the values of the rule.
    • Click the Save button to save the changes for the specific priority rule.
    • Click the Delete button to delete the rule.
  5. After setting up all your preferred priority rules, do any of the following:
    • Click Test All to test the calculation result for all the priority rules.
    • Click Load Default All to load the default values for all the priority rules.
    • Click Save and select Save All to save the changes for all the priority rules.
    • Click Save and select Save Rule as Template to save the changes for all the priority rules as a template. In the Save Rule as Template window, set the Template Name and click Save.

5.2. Best Practices in setting the priority rules

  1. Interview your dispatcher or technician to identify rules and conditions like this: If (given scenario), then it should be given more (or less) importance. 
  2. Review each of the point rules you have identified. Use the Save & Test function to test each rule.
  3. Use the Test all function to balance the points between the rules and check if the prioritization brings up your expected result.
  4. Ask your technicians to give the app a try and give you feedback.  
  5. Adjust the rules and points based on the dispatcher's or technicians' feedback.
  6. Continue updating the rules and corresponding priority points for two weeks. The resulting prioritization should improve over time and you won't need to modify anymore. 
  7. Request and create new rules that are not similar or duplicates of existing ones. 

5.3. What are the NextTicket priority rules and functions?

Below are the priority rules and descriptions of how each rule functions. For information on how to activate, test, save, delete, and request priority rules, read the article NextTicket Manager Priority Rules

Priority Rule Function
Assigned And StatusIndicate the points to be added to a ticket based on its current status and the person to whom it is assigned.
Client in "Watch List"Indicate the points to be added to a ticket if a client is on the watch list.​
Priority And StatusIndicate the points to be added to a ticket based on a specific priority level.
Ticket AgeIndicate the points to be added to a ticket based on how long it has been open or unresolved. 
Ticket Summary

Indicate the points to be added to a ticket if the ticket summary contains the specified keywords.

You can capture blockers that prevent your clients to continue their operations easily or sort tickets based on specific topics which may be assigned to technicians with great expertise in those areas.

Time of Last UpdateIndicate the points to be added to a ticket for every hour past the time that it was last updated.​

Related Topics

5.4. How to add an advanced rule

  1. Go to Priority Rules by clicking the priority rules link on the NextTicket for Halo screen.
  2. Click the Advanced Rule button to open the Advanced Rule pop-up window.
    Advanced NextTicket rule
  3. Fill in the following fields for adding an advanced rule:
    advanced rule 
    • Rule Name - Enter a unique rule name.
    • Rule Description - Enter a description for the rule. (Optional)
    • Rule - Create conditions for the advanced rule. Add more groups or conditions if you need to.
  4. Add positive points to increase prioritization, or give negative points to decrease the priority.
    image add points to rule
  5. Click Save to keep the settings. 

    You can also do the following actions in this section: 
    • Test the advanced rule - Click theicon to save the priority rule and test the values of the rule. Below is an example of the Test Result window. 
      test result
    • Delete the rule - Click the icon to delete the rule.
      delete advanced rule
    • Use the Colour filter when creating an advanced rule
      You can also create an advanced rule that applies the Colour filter. For example, if companies are grouped according to color, you can add an advanced rule that will add (or deduct) priority points to companies assigned with the specified color. To do this, select Customer > Colour > IN and select the appropriate color. 
      advanced rule with color filter

6. FOR ADMINS: Add companies to the watch list​

By adding companies to your watch list, you can give additional points to the tickets from specific companies to increase priority. 

To add ​companies to the watch list, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the NextTicket for Halo screen, click Settings> Watch List.
  2. When the Watch List tab opens, click Add Company.
  3. In the Add Company window, select the check box for the companies you want to add.​
  4. If you want to show and select only companies with an agreement, select the checkbox for Only show companies have an agreement. Type the reason for adding the selected companies in the Why add to the watch list? field.
  5. Click Save when done adding. 

For more information on using the Watch List, read the article How to use the Watch List in NextTicket Manager

7. FOR TECHNICIANS: How to use the NextTicket Manager

7.1. Viewing your top-priority ticket 

As a technician, your next top-priority ticket is shown on the NextTicket for Halo screen where you can also request or reject the next ticket assigned to you.

To view your top-priority ticket:

  1. Go to the NextTicket for Halo screen and select a filter from the Tickets filter list. The screen automatically refreshes and shows the details of your next top-priority ticket. 
  2. Select either Dashboard View or List View to view the ticket details according to your preference.

7.2. Rejecting your top-priority ticket

You can reject your next top-priority ticket if you think that it should not be your next ticket. It is also necessary to specify the reason why you can't work on the ticket.​

To reject your top-priority ticket:

  1. Go to the NextTicket for Halo screen and select the applicable filter from the Tickets filter list.
  2. Once the details of your top priority ticket appear on the screen, click Reject Next Ticket.
  3. When the Reject Reason window opens, select or type the reason why you want to reject the ticket, and then click Save

For more information on how to use NextTicket, read the article What is NextTicket Manager?