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1. MSPbots Pricing Plans:

You can pick products from A La Carte or choose a bundle.

1.1. Products

ProductsBusiness IntelligenceMicro Training BotsNextTicket Manager

Attendance Manager

Product Description

A dashboard engine with dashboards and customizable reporting around all metrics that are important to operate an MSP, with

  1. Unlimited Admins
  2. Unlimited snapshot datasets
  3. Public dashboards
  4. Dataset mashup
  5. Calculated metrics
  6. Unlimited dashboards
  7. Unlimited Scorecards

Best dashboard system for MSPs!

Watch Video: – Why is MSPbots the best Business Intelligence for MSP? Why did BrightGauge users move to the MSPbots BI system

A uniquely new product offering for MSPs that takes business intelligence to the next level with automation to eliminate the monotonous management task of communicating processes that are not meeting business standards within their team.

The QA bots engine can provide MicroTraining via Teams Message for employees by QA their work in real-time, making it so much easier to ensure that employees are in compliance with company policy and rules. 

Save 30-40% of your manager's time and do a 100 times better job!

Watch Video: – How Micro Training Bots are the change the MSP game by saving 30-40% of the management time and delivering a 100s times better job as a virtual manager.

An automated means to eliminate the laborious task of determining what ticket a tech should be working on. NextTicket Manager analyzes all of your open service tickets and will deliver to each available tech the right next ticket to work on based on the priorities you have established.  

NextTicket can save 80% of your dispatcher's time, and totally eliminate the cherry-picking, random picking, and ticket black holes, doing a 100 times better job than your human dispatcher.

Demo Video:  – How NextTicket can save 80% of dispatcher's time, totally eliminate the cherry picking, and random picking from techs, doing a 100 times better job

Accurate tracking of utilization is a fundamental requirement for every MSP.  Inaccurate time tracking costs MSPs thousands of dollars in billable work that never makes it to an invoice and incorrect visibility into client profitability. The attendance Manager helps the employees increase utilization, have visibility about the presence and tickets being worked on, and also make sure you are in compliance with labor law for hourly employees.

Demo Video – How Attendance Manager can boost your team utilization to 85%, with very minimal management effort and give you the visibility of your team


  1. PSA = $179 / m
  2. RMM or Accounting = $129 / m
  3. Others = $89 / m

Check the Supported Integrations

  1. You need to have the BI package for integration first
  2. $40/user/month(unlimited bots)

Services Options

  1. $299 onboarding fee for the 3 weeks onboarding program to help you get started.
  2. 2 hours of concierge service requests are included every month
  3. FREE migration from BrightGauge with price matching

  1. $299 onboarding fee for the 3 weeks onboarding program to help you get started.
  2. 2 hours of concierge service are included every month (unlimited bots plan only)
  1. $299 onboarding fee for NextTicket only 3 weeks.
  1. Free online Onboarding training

1.2. Product Bundles

Free BundleA la Carte

Startup Bundle

Professional Bundle

(Most popular, like your Total Care plan,
65% of our clients selected this one since it has the highest ROI)

FreeA la Carte

$700/m Minimum
$70/user for more than 10 users

$900/m Minimum
$90/user for more than 10 users

Business Intelligence

Limited Read-only Dashboards

Free MSP Benchmarking  dashboards

Start for $89/m

4 Integrations

Process Automation1 bot


10 bots/user Unlimited
Next Ticket Manager1 user$40/user/monthIncludedIncluded
Attendance Manager2 users$6/user/monthIncludedIncluded

Email Support

Best Effort5 day Response SLA

3 days Response SLA

4 hour Response SLA

Phone Support




6 weeks Onboarding Service NAPer service$599Included

Concierge service


Per Service

2 h/m Included. $90/h extra


Annual Payment Discount

15% off

15% off

15% off

  • Email support address: Support@mspbots.ai
  • 6 weeks Onboarding Service: Help you fully utilize MSPbots by providing you with an onboarding Team.
  • Concierge service: Help you to create new datasets, widgets, dashboards, and bots, so you don't need to spend your own time or hire a data analyst anymore.

2. How to sign up for the paid version

2.1. Review your user list, and determine how many users will be billable users

Billable Users for bundles and products are determined based on how many users are enabled in MSPbots User Management, you can disable the user that you don't want to pay for.

2.2. Reduce the billable users:

2.2.1. Pick your user type

User typeExplanationPricing

Full use and editing permission. Admin can edit all settings and review them,

NOTE: Except for the financial data that is only available for people who linked the Quickbook or Xero, the admin with financial permission can add other admin/users to the financial role.

Full price per bundle
UserFull reading permission can use all features, but not be able to edit any settingFull price per bundle
Dashboard OnlyCan view all DashboardFREE
Attendance OnlyCan view all Dashboard and use the attendance programPaying for Attendance price only
Billing OnlyCan view all dashboards and access the billing pageFREE

2.2.2. Change to dashboard only

If you have a user that only needs the dashboard view function, it will be free, please just change the user role to "Dashboard only"

  1. Go to User Management
  2. Select the users, click "Set Role"
  3. Change role to "Dashboard Only"

2.2.3. Disable the user

If they don't use MSPbots at all, follow this page: How to Disable a User Account in the MSPbots App

2.3. Make payment

For bundles, please go to https://app.mspbots.ai/marketplace?active=bundle, choose your bundle, click upgrade, and follow the instruction.

3. Additional Information

3.1. All agreements are month-to-month, no long-term commitment is needed

If you like MSPbots and want to save some money, you can select the annual payment plan.

3.2. FREE migration for BrightGauge

If you are using one of that software and considering migrating to MSPbots, we do FREE migration ( Limited to 50 widgets ) for you, and the price match what you are paying if you only need BI functions. Why did BrightGauge users move to the MSPbots BI system

3.3. 120-day UNCONDITIONAL Money-back Guarantee

We strive for excellent customer service and product value, therefore, all products and bundles come with a 120-day UNCONDITIONAL money-back guarantee.

Within 120 days of signing up with the MSPbots paid plan, for any reason or no reason, you decided that MSPbots is not a good fit for you, we will give you a full refund of all your money paid. 

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