You must be assigned a role before you start using MSPbots and its apps, dashboards, features, and some settings. Roles give users access to data and settings that are useful to them and ensure the privacy and security of confidential information. 

Only admins can assign roles in the MSPbots app. 

Here are the different roles that you can assign to company members. 

Role Description 
AdminThe Admin or Administrator role has overall administrative rights on the MSPbots app. This role does not have access to financial assets.
UserThe User is the default role for MSPbots users and gives access to basic apps and assets. 
FinancialThe Financial role gives MSPbots users access to accounting mapping, financial assets, and widgets and dashboards on financials.  
Dashboard OnlyUsers with the Dashboard Only role have access to dashboard assets only. 
Attendance OnlyUsers with the Attendance Only role have access to the Attendance Manager app only. 
Peer GroupThe Peer Group role has access to specific KPIs and benchmarking assets for peer groups.
N-able BenchmarkingThe N-able Benchmarking role has access to the N-able Benchmarking App and its related assets.

Role assignment is done in the User Management section of the MSPbots app. Please refer to the article User Management for help with assigning roles. 

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