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The Pivotal Crew App helps Managed Service Providers (MSPs) proactively monitor performance on key metrics for finance, procurement, sales, and service, among others. You can filter the values on the widgets and perform drill-throughs to show the most relevant data. This article gives a walkthrough of the Pivotal Crew App's features and settings. 

What's on this page: 

Why should I use the Pivotal Crew App? 

The Pivotal Crew Proactive Audit Dashboard for ConnectWise PSA is an essential tool that enables users to assess their business setup against critical Pivotal Crew Practices. It helps companies stay on top of their business by proactively identifying issues like the following: 

  • Unresolved tickets - Prevent prolonged service disruptions by quickly addressing unresolved tickets for over eight hours. 
  • Vanishing users - Identify member IDs that have been inactive for 90 days and determine potential account or security issues right away. 
  • Pending expense reports and time sheets - Manage expense reports and time sheets that have not been submitted or approved for more than 30 days to keep financial records accurate.
  • Project limbo - Avoid budget overruns and overdue projects by highlighting cases with no budget, overruns, or overdue dates.
  • Aging and unsent invoices - Address aging and unsent invoices to ensure timely billing and revenue recognition.   
  • Unutilized products - Manage inventory efficiently by addressing negative on-hand counts and old, unused products.
  • Overlooked income opportunities - Optimize sales by addressing opportunities with past close dates or zero revenue and avoid overlooking potential income streams.

Who can use the Pivotal Crew App? 

This dashboard is available to users with the following:

  • Pivotal Crew subscription 
  • ConnectWise Manage integration with MSPbots 
  • Admin role for editing the dashboard settings  
  • User role for viewing the dashboard

Accessing the Pivotal Crew App and dashboard 

The Pivotable Crew App is accessed from the MSPbots app by navigating to App > Pivotal Crew App. Its dashboard, the Pivotal Crew Quarterly Proactive Audit App, is currently in the BETA stage and can be accessed from Dashboards > BETA Pivotal Crew - Quarterly Proactive Audit App

What data is available in the dashboard? 

These are the monitored areas of your MSP and the corresponding widgets for each in the dashboard. 

AreaWidgets and MetricsWhat can I use the data for?Parameters Used for Calculation 
Members# of API Members with Admin security roleEstablish custom security roles for each to ensure proper access control
and alignment with best practice   

# of Regular/Sub/StreamlineIT Members with Admin
security role

Minimize users with full admins and create custom security roles for members
based on what access they need

# of Active Regular/Sub/StreamlineIT Members that
have not logged into CW in more than 90 days

Deactivate inactive users Count 

# of Active Regular/Sub Members with hire date in last 120 days
that are missing hourly cost

Create more accurate profitability reporting based on hourly costCount 
Finance# of open/unsent invoices older than 90 daysMinimize potential revenue loss from outstanding/unsent invoices Count 
# of active additions with $0 costEnsure the accuracy of agreement gross profit reportingCount 
# of active additions with negative marginPrevent additions with a negative margin resulting in inaccuracies in listed
costs or prices, potentially affecting agreement gross profit reporting 
Count WHERE (addition_cost - addition_price) < 0

# of active agreements with negative a margin in the last

Prevent incorrect pricing, unexpected high costs, and other financial discrepancies.
It's essential to address and rectify these situations to ensure accurate financial
analysis and decision-making
Count WHERE ((agreement_time_cost + agreement_Expense_cost + agreement_product_cost)-agreement_invoiced_revenue)<0)
Procurement# of Products with Negative On Hand CountMinimize product setup issues arising from a negative on-hand count Count 
# of active products in the product catalog that have not been invoiced 
in more than 1 year
Plan for a product catalog cleanup to inactivate products that have not been
used in over a year.
Sales# of Opportunities with closed date in the pastInitiate cleanup and process reviewCount 
# of Opportunities with $0 revenue Focus on opportunities that have a revenue amount that will impact forecast
# of open Sales Orders older than 180 daysInitiate cleanup and process reviewCount 
Service# of Open Tickets that have not been updated in more than 90 daysReview service processes for improvements Count 
# of Open Tickets that have more than 8 hours enteredReview escalation processes or identify service requests that could be turned
into projects 
Project# of Open Projects with 0 budget hours

Set project budget hours to ensure profitability stays on track 


# of Open Projects that are over budgetReview and adjust the scope of projects exceeding the allocated budget  Count 
# of Open Projects that are past the estimated end dateReview and update the estimated due dates of open projects Count 
Time and Expense# of Missing Time Sheets older than 30 daysInitiate improvements on the timesheet approval processCount 
# of Missing Expense Sheets older than 30 daysInitiate improvements on the expense sheet approval processCount 
# of Submitted/Unapproved Time Sheets older than 30 daysInitiate improvements on the timesheet approval process Count 
# of Submitted/Unapproved Expense Sheets older than 30 daysInitiate improvements on the expense sheet approval processCount 

How to apply gauge-level filters  

Do the following to filter data on a specific widget only: 

  1. Click the widget that needs filter modifications. 
    pivotal crew widget dashboard
  2. When the window with the widget's table opens, click the view optionsbutton and select Filter.
    filter widget data
    For example, if you want the widget to exclude data from Company A, remove the selection for it. 
    exclude company from widget
  3. Click OK and close the widget window. 

How to modify the dashboard-level settings 

You can edit the dashboard settings to change the data in the Members, Service and Project, and Procurement and Finance sections of the Pivotal Crew - Quarterly Proactive Audit dashboard. Edit the settings with the following steps: 

Modifications done on the Pivotal Crew Settings page affect data in all widgets on the dashboard. If you want to modify the settings of a particular widget only, refer to Applying filters to specific widgets.  

  1. On the Pivotal Crew App - Welcome Page, go to Settings > Pivotal Crew Settings
    pivotal crew settings
  2. To exclude members, go to the Member Filter section in the Beta - Pivotal Crew - Settings tab, and select the Member ID and Work Role that will be excluded from the results in the Members section on the dashboard..  
    pivotal crew member filter
  3. To exclude companies from the results in the Service and Project (except for board name and status) sections, go to Company Filter and select the Type, Board Name, and Status of the company for exclusion. 
    pivotal crew company filter
  4. Lastly, to exclude products from the results in the Procurement and Finance sections, go to Product Filter and select the Product ID
    pivotal crew product filter
  5. Click Submit to apply the settings.
  6. Verify the results in the Pivotal Crew - Quarterly Proactive Audit dashboard. Check if the widgets show the desired values. 

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