MSPbots partners with Encore Strategic Consulting | Business Consulting Services as a provider of the peer group benchmarking platform. If you are interested in the Encore Service, please reach out to Shawn ( to get started.

When you receive an invitation from Shawn to join a GAIN group, here are the steps that you should follow to get started:

  1. Sign up with at
    If you don't have a Microsoft AAD account, please follow the instructions in How to Sign Up with MSPbots without Microsoft Office 365 Account
    For data security-related questions, please check

  2. Link your account software at Currently, MSPbots support the following accounting software integrations:
  3. Add Shawn as the Consultant so he can access your account, make sure you assign him the Admin and Financial Role
    You can read the article Consultant Management Feature for instructions on how to add a consultant.

  4. Finish the accounting mapping. You can refer to the article How to Use Accounting Mapping for Encore for the guided steps.
    If you don't have an accounting software integration or if your software is not supported: 
    1. Open the Encore Strategic Benchmarking App
    2. Go to Settings and select Encore Accounting Mapping Input Form. Enter your details here.
      For questions about the mapping, please reach out to Shawn at
  5.  Accept the invitation sent to your email. Once you accept, your group will appear in the peer group section. 

To update your employee headcount

  1. Open the Encore Strategic Benchmarking App.
  2. Go to Dashboards and click the Encore Strategic Financial Benchmark.

If you want to learn more about MSPbots, please check the MSPbots Demo Training Webinars. MSPbots has been a game changer for many MSP businesses.


  1. My trial expired. What should I do? 
    Your access to integration, GAIN-related reports, peer groups, and dashboards remain free for you. Please just ignore the 14 trial popup, if you are not planning to use other functions from MSPbots.
  2. How much does the Encore Service? 
    The fee is included in your GAIN membership fee. 
  3. Does a GAIN member have a discount on the full version MSPbots?
    Yes, there is a discount. Please reach out to Shawn to get the 10% off coupon.

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