This article shows how you can set up MSPbots when you do not have an Office 365 account.

Do the following to set up MSPbots: 

  1. Go to, and click Sign up
    mspbots sign up
  2. You will be asked to create an account. Enter information on the required fields and click Create Account
    create account
  3. You will be directed back to the Sign In page. Enter the email address and password you provided in Step 2 and click Sign In
  4. Fill in the About your MSP form and click Save. Follow the prompts.  

    Note: You may skip the AAD authorization or AAD global policy settings pages. 

  5. When done with the prompts, navigate to the menu and go to Settings > User Management.
  6. Click the New User button to add a user. 
  7. Fill in all the mandatory fields and click Confirm

    The new user should now appear on the list of users. 
  8. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 to add more users. 

Add this URL to your bookmarks for quick login:

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