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Want to learn more about MSPbots?

1. Review MSPbots Demo Webinar recordings to learn why MSPbots is a game changer for MSPs

Watch the demo recording will give you a detailed overview of what MSPbots can do, you can review the recordings at your own time, pause, rewind, then join one of the webinars for QA. you can sign up for the free version at https://app.mspbots.ai so you can follow the demo.

North America Date/TimeRecordings
Oct-27-2022 10 AM CST

00:00 - Intro

01:41 - Overview using data-driven process automation to help your MSP move to the next level.

16:50 – Why is MSPbots the best Business Intelligence for MSP? Why did BrightGauge users move to the MSPbots BI system

33:56 – How Micro Training Bots are the change the MSP game by saving 30-40% of the management time and delivering a 100s times better job as a virtual manager.

50:18 – How NextTicket can save 80% of dispatcher's time, totally eliminate the cherry picking, random picking from techs, doing a 100 times better job

1:01:27 – How Attendance Manager can boost your team utilization to 85%, with very minimal management effort and give you the visibility of your team

1:10:00 – Pricing and onboarding, MSPbots Pricing List

Full Video: https://youtu.be/KJ9Q-gfMZdA

If you like what you saw, please review MSPbots Pricing List to decide what packages you want to move forward with and the instructions on that page to get started.

2. Book a one-on-one session with the sales team to answer specific questions

If you want a one-on-one demo workshop meeting, please click here

It is better if you can sign up at https://mspbots.ai for the free version, and play with it based on the webinar and demo recording before joining the one-to-one demo workshop.

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