The Consultant feature gives external consultants MSPbots access to help you manage your MSPbots account. 

What's in this article:

1. Adding a Consultant

  1. On the MSPbots app menu, access the Consultant Management function from Settings > Consultant.
  2. Click on the New button. 
    new consultant button
  3. Input the Client Information
    new consultant
  4. Next, assign a role to your consultant (below) and click Confirm.

2. Selecting a Role for your consultant 

Assigning roles define your consultant's level of access to the MSPbots app, its apps, and assets.

  1. On the New Consultant window, click on Role Config field and select the role you want to assign from the dropdown list.
    Refer to the article MSPbots User Roles and Descriptions for more information on each role.

  2. Click Confirm to save and add the new consultant and the assigned role. 

consultant roles

3. Switching to consultant access  

Click your avatar on the upper-right corner of the MSPbots app's screen and click Switch to

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