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The PeerGroup section in the MSPbots app lists the groups where you can share data with peers and understand how you compare with them. These groups, except private ones, are accessible to MSPbots clients and users. You can apply to join any of these groups or create one for your team or company. This KB article discusses the following about PeerGroup: 

How to create your own group

  1. Navigate to PeerGroup on the MSPbots. Click the New button. 
    new peer group
  2.  On the Create New Group pop-up, provide the following under Basic Info then click Next
    • Group name
    • Properties
      • Private - A private peer group is viewable only by group members. The group captain can invite anyone to join the group, but others cannot apply to join because the group is not visible to non-members. 
      • Public - A public peer group is visible to all MSPbots users and clients., Anyone can apply to join a public group.
    • Affiliation 
    • Description 
    • Group Meets - Create a schedule of meets and set recurring meets if needed.
      basic group info
  3. Under Introduction, you have the option to give users an idea of your group by providing more information like Mission and Rules. Click Next when done.
    group introduction
  4. In the last step, enter the Office 365 emails of the people you want to invite to the group.
    invite members
  5. Click the Create button when done. The peer group you created should now appear under the My Group list. If it is a public group, it will also appear under the Public Group list. 

How to invite people to join a group 

Captains can invite anyone to join a peer group. This is done on the Members settings screen in PeerGroups of the MSPbots app.

  1. Navigate to PeerGroup, select your peer group, and go to the Members tab. 
  2. Click the Add member icon. 
    add member
  3. Enter the Office 365 emails of the people you are inviting. Click Send Email to send your invitations. Accepting the invitation will automatically add a person to the group. 
    invite member

How to join a peer group

  1. Navigate to PeerGroup on the MSPbots and click the Public Group tab. 
    peer group
  2. Choose a group, click the ellipsis on the right, then select View Details.
    peer group details
  3. Read the details of the group. 
    group details
  4. If you are interested to join, go back to the Public Group tab, click the ellipsisbutton, and select Apply to join
    apply to join
  5. When the Apply pop-up appears, click Submit to send your application. 
    The group captain will receive a notification to approve or decline your application. Below is an example.
    peer group notification
  6. You will receive an email notification once your application is approved. Your group will also appear under the My Group tab. 

How to set roles in a group 

Assigning roles to group members is also done Members settings screen in PeerGroups of the MSPbots app.

  1. Navigate to PeerGroup, select your peer group, and go to the Members tab. 
  2. Click the Members settings icon. 
    member settings
  3. Select the role for a given member. These are the available roles.
    • Captain - The captain role gives a member the ability to manage groups, invite people, delete members, and edit groups.
    • Member - Members can view group information only. 
      member roles
  4.  Click Save when done. 

How to remove group members 

You can delete a member from the group by clicking the x button that corresponds to the member. 

  1. Navigate to PeerGroup, select your peer group, and go to the Members tab. 
  2. Click the Members settings icon. 
    member settings
  3. Click the x button that corresponds to the member to be removed and click Save.
    remove member

How to Add a KPI for Your Peer Group (For Captains)

Group captains can add key performance indicators (KPIs) for their peer groups by selecting a KPI from the KPI Templates and adding it to My KPIs. A group's KPIs and the resulting data are viewed from the Benchmark tab and can be adjusted in the KPI Settings.

What's in this article: 

Adding a new KPI template to your peer group KPIs 

To add a KPI: 

Adding KPI template widgets is restricted to group captains only. Group members have view-only access to the benchmarks.

  1. Go to PeerGroup on the MSPbots app. 
  2. Click My Group on the Peer Group screen and select your group. 
    my peer grup
  3. When your peer group's screen opens, click +Add
    add kpi
  4. Go through the list of Template Widgets and select the KPI widget for adding. 
    add selected 
  5. Click Add Selected. The KPI is added to the group's Shared KPI list and the KPI dropdown list on the Benchmark tab. 

Remember to select a KPI widget with "Peer Group" in the widget name to ensure you are adding a peer group KPI widget. 

Reviewing your KPIs and adjusting KPI settings  

To view the KPIs, open your peer group and go to Benchmark where you compare data among your tenants or peers. Below are the features and functions in the Benchmark tab: 

image peer group KPI benchmarks

  • Dashboard filters - This section displays the filters set in the widget settings. In the image below, the Time Frame filter gives the option to display data Monthy or Weekly, and the Peer Group filter displays data per company.
    image peer group KPI dashboard slicers 
  • KPI Settings - When clicked, this button opens the KPI window where you view and adjust the KPIs displayed in the widgets. These settings are applied to all Peer Groups with the same KPI widget settings but will not affect the KPI settings of other tenants.
    image peer group KPI settings
  • KPI widget dropdown - Select a KPI widget from the dropdown list to view data for each KPI. 
    image KPI widget dropdown list
  • KPI Widget switcher - Click these buttons to switch your view from left to right, from one KPI to the next.  
    image KPI widget switch left to right
  • Full-Screen viewer - Select the full-screen button to view the KPI widgets in full-screen mode.
    image view KPI widget in full-screen
  • Chart switch - Click the bar chart icon to view the data using a bar chart or click the line chart icon to view data using a line chart.   
    image switch from bar chart to line widget
  • Customize the x-axis data - Hover over the graph and scroll the mouse wheel to adjust the data displayed on the x-axis. Alternatively, you can drag the ends of the bar below the graph to adjust the data. 
    image customize x-axis on KPI widget

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