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Clients can share dashboards by embedding the reports to their web pages or websites. This is done using the Embed function of the MSPbots dashboards which allows users to copy an HTML code to post a live dashboard on other platforms. Users have the option to use Fixed or Responsive sizing.

Template Dashboards cannot be shared, but cloning a template dashboard makes it shareable. Locate the cloned copy under My Dashboards to access the Share option.

How to Share a Dashboard Using the Embed Function

  1. Go to Dashboards and search for the dashboard that you want to share. 
  2. Click the ellipsis icon and select Share from the options. 
    share dashboard

    The Share option is only available on the Dashboards tab. Once in the cloned dashboard view, you must go back to the Dashboards tab with the search function to find the Share option. 

  3. In the Share Dashboard window, click the EMBED tab. You should be able to see the HTML code for embedding a live dashboard.

    If clicking EMBED does not show an HTML code, click SHAREABLE LINK first, then Save and click EMBED to show the HTML code.

  4. Choose a size option:
    • Responsive - The size of the widgets will automatically adjust to the browser's size. 
    • Fixed - The size of the widgets will be retained regardless of the browser's size. Scroll bars will appear.
  5. Click Copy Code.
  6. Use this HTML code in configuring your webpage or website to display a live dashboard.

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