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The MSPbots dashboards have a share function that allows clients to present multiple dashboards in a loop on a screen. Called the Rotating Dashboard view, this function presents dashboards one after the other at specific intervals. When shown on a screen, the rotating view offers a way to display dashboards without user intervention. The presentation can be stopped and resumed when the user clicks the Stop and Play button. 

Users can create multiple rotating dashboard views, which can be stored for future access or deleted when no longer needed.

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All MSPbots users can create Rotating Dashboard views if they have access to the desired dashboards. This also applies to displaying reports on external TVs with web browsers.

Creating and presenting dashboards using the Rotating Dashboard view 

  1. Log in to the MSPbots app and navigate to Dashboards
  2. Go to the My Dashboards tab and select a dashboard
  3. When the selected dashboard opens, click the Presentation icon on the right and select Rotate Dashboard
    select rotate dashboard
  4. On the Present Management screen, click the Add New Present button to create a presentation.
    add new present
  5. When the New Present window opens, type the name for your presentation on the Name field, then click the Add Dashboard button. 
    add new dashboards
  6. When the Select Dashboard screen opens, select all the dashboards that you want to view in the rotating sequence and click Add
    select dashboards to present

  7. Verify your selection in the Dashboard List section. Click the Delete icon if you need to remove a dashboard or click Add Dashboard to add more. Once you have verified, click Save.
    dashboard list 
  8. Once saved, you will be back to the Present Management screen where you will find the rotating dashboards that you have created. To view your rotating dashboard, click the eye icon under Action.
     view dashboard

Editing or deleting a Rotating Dashboard

  1. Open any of your dashboards. Click the Presentation > Rotate Dashboards
    select rotate dashboard
  2. Click the Edit icon to edit or the Delete icon to delete existing rotating dashboards.
    edit delete dashboard

How to use the rotating dashboard view 

You can do the following actions on the rotating dashboard view: 

  • Switch dashboards 
    To switch view to the next dashboards or switch back to the previous ones in the loop, click the dashboards dropdown list and select the dashboard to display.  
    rotating dashboards list
  • Change the display interval 
    The display interval of the dashboards are modified on the upper right section of the screen. Click on the number and select 3m, 5m, 10m, and 15m from the dropdown list. The options are in minutes. 
    dashboard rotation interval
  • Stop the rotation 
    You can opt to stop the dashboard rotation to display only one dashboard. Do this by clicking the stop button on the upper right corner pf the screen. 
    stop dashboard rotation
  • View the presentation in full screen mode 
    Click the full screen icon to view the dashboards in full screen. 
    view dashboards in full screen

Watch the video tutorial