Some clients want to share financial dashboards with other users having non-financial roles. They want to do this without assigning a financial role. Is there a way to view reports without editing permissions?

To share dashboards across different roles with varying permissions, users can utilize the Snapshot function of the MSPbots dashboards where there is an option to view dashboards via email and in JPG or PDF format.  This article suggests sharing financial dashboards with non-financial admin users by sending JPG or PDF copies of the report thru email.  

Before you start, make sure that you have the following:

  • Access to the MSPbots Dashboards
  • The email address(es) to where the report will be sent

To share reports in JPG or PDF format, follow the procedure in the Knowledge Base article below: 

How to Send JPG or PDF Copies of Reports via Email

Another option is to Share a Dashboard Using the Shareable Link which allows users to view dashboards on their browsers.