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Based on the survey from our current clients that moved from BrightGauge to MSPbots, here are some of the reasons:

1. MSPbots has more Integration, datasets, widgets, dashboards

For Example, BrightGauge has about 24 datasets and 200 gauges for ConnectWise Manage, and MSPbots has more than 240 datasets, and more than 1400 prebuilt widgets, with new assets being added every week! Our datasets are more granular than theirs because we need data to drive the bots vs just visual, it typically takes about 2 hours for us to add a REST GET API dataset as long as you can provide the API URL here: https://developer.connectwise.com/Products/Manage/REST, for other integrations, please take a look Integrations page

2. MSPbots has more data visualization options

We have thousands of pre-built Widgets and Dashboards for you, and you can create new ones, but if you need something that we don't have already, here is the library that we are using: https://echarts.apache.org/examples/en/index.html , we can release it in a couple of days. 

3. MSPbots have more backend data processing logic and not many limitations

This enables us to do some of the data manipulations that BrightGauge can’t do, we support Form, SQL, materialized view, JAVA, Flink, Python, and data engines to create any kind of datasets.

  • No 210-day limitation,
  • Time entry and ticket data refreshes in realtime,
  • Support AND/OR group in the query builder
  • Can support very complicated SQL, JAVA, and PYTHON code
  • Can easily change the ticket or time entry URL 

4. MSPbots has more features:

  1. Easy change the ticket URL, so you can remove the ticket URL link or change the ticket URL link for the client portal.
  2. Stream to TV: How to Add Your Screen to the MSPbots Device List
  3. Supporting separate Accounting software permission so not every admin can see the accounting data. When can I use the Financial Role
  4. Support using tokens for the employee dashboard or client dashboard, so you don't need to copy the new dashboard for each new employee or new client.
  5. Setup home page for each user: Setting Up a Custom Homepage in the MSPbots App

5. MSPbots takes action for you instead of just giving your actionable data.

BrightGauge provides the actionable data, while MSPbots take action for you with Microtraining bots.

6. MSPbots dashboard is faster in refreshing

MSPbots is designed for bots, which requires a much faster response time and refresh rate.

7. Better Customer service

MSPbots is a young hungry new company that actively develops new functions every day, which means that we will give you a much faster response time and delivery time for any of your requests, based on the client experiences.

8. Unlimited Concierge Service

Our Professional Bundle comes with unlimited Concierge Service that we have data analysts to help you create all kinds of dashboards and bots.

9. Lower Cost

MSPbots doesn’t charge for extra admin users, cheaper for each integration, the basic version already includes the features in the BrightGauge enterprise edition like

  1. Unlimited Admin users
  2. Data Mashup,
  3. Calculated Metrics,
  4. Public dashboards,
  5. unlimited Snapshots, etc.
  6. Starting from $89/month.

We also do Price Matching if you are only interested in MSPbots BI.

10. Demo Recording

11. Special offer

We will give you a $200 Amazon Gift card if you join one of MSPbots Demo Training Webinars and are not impressed with MSPbots.

FREE Migration: We will help you recreate the most used dashboards, reports, and goals that you use for free ( Up to 200 unique Gauges ).

We will offer a 120-day unconditional money-back guarantee and month-to-month billing with no long-term commitment.