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These are the names, descriptions, and template links for ConnectWise bots 3.0. 

Bot NameDescription Template BOT Link
ConnectWise Manage Attached Agreement PrompterThis bot alerts the user if his time entry has no attached agreement.bot-ConnectWiseManageAttachedAgreementPrompterTemplate (mspbots.ai)
ConnectWise Manage Time Entry Content AnalyzerThis bot alerts the user if his time entry has words or phrases like "I think" and/or "I believe".bot-ConnectWiseManageTimeEntryContentAnalyzerTemplate (mspbots.ai)
ConnectWise Manage Ticket Open Task PrompterThis bot alerts the user when a ticket is moved to a defined status but with incomplete tasks.bot-ConnectWiseManageTicketOpenTaskPrompterTemplate (mspbots.ai)
ConnectWise Manage Work Type Prompter

This bot asks the user to confirm his Work Type if his time entry mentions "travel"

The work Type is normally set as Remote.

bot-ConnectWiseManageWorkTypePrompterTemplate (mspbots.ai)
ConnectWise Manage Onsite Schedule Prompter Real-TimeThis bot checks all the tickets with the schedule onsite status and alerts the technician to go to the site. The reminder is sent as it is updated.bot-ConnectWiseOnsiteSchedulePrompterReal-timeTemplate (mspbots.ai)
ConnectWise Manage Prolonged Time Entry VerifierThis bot alerts the user when his time entry for 'Actual Hours' is unusually long.bot-ConnectWiseManageProlongedTimeEntryVerifierTemplate (mspbots.ai)
ConnectWise Manage Short Time Entry VerifierThis bot asks the user if he wants to bill for a time entry that is less than x minutes.

bot-ConnectWiseManageShortTimeEntryVerifierTemplate (mspbots.ai)

ConnectWise Ticket In Progress Too Long 3.0This bot reminds the user to take action or ask for help if a ticket In Progress has not been updated for a period of time.bot-ConnectWiseTicketInProgressTooLong3.0Template (mspbots.ai)
ConnectWise Manage No Next Step Time Entry AlertThis bot asks the user to input information for the "Next Step" of a time entry if none is provided. bot-ConnectWiseManageNoNextStepTimeEntryAlertTemplate (mspbots.ai)

ConnectWise Manage Remote vs Travel Time Entry Verifier

This bot alerts the user when a "Travel" time entry is incorrectly followed by a "Remote" time entry.bot-ConnectWiseManageRemotevsTravelTimeEntryVerifierTemplate (mspbots.ai)
ConnectWise Insufficient Time Entry PrompterThis bot encourages the user to add more details to a long time entry that has only a short note.bot-ConnectWiseInsufficientTimeEntryPrompterTemplate (mspbots.ai)
ConnectWise Manage Password in Time Entry AlertThis bot alerts the user if the password seems to be written in the time entry.bot-ConnectWiseManagePasswordinTimeEntryAlertTemplate (mspbots.ai)
ConnectWise Manage After Business Hours VerifierThis bot alerts the user about a Bus Hrs Service time entry done after business hours.bot-ConnectWiseManageAfterBusinessHoursVerifierTemplate (mspbots.ai)
ConnectWise Manage Ticket Closure QAThis bot performs a QA check after each ticket is closed and sends the results to the userbot-ConnectWiseManageTicketClosureQATemplate (mspbots.ai)
ConnectWise Scheduled Ticket Acknowledgement Alert 3.0This bot reminds the user to acknowledge his scheduled tickets and to check his calendar.bot-ConnectWiseScheduledTicketAcknowledgementAlert3.0Template (mspbots.ai)