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Clients sometimes need to use a custom URL for bots and widgets. The steps in this guide apply to both: 

  • Assigning a specific URL for bots when sending alerts
  • Using custom URLs for widgets and column datasets  

Do the following steps to change a bot’s URL:

  1. Log in to the MSPbots app as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to Bots on the menu.
  3. Click on the bot that needs to be modified. For example: Stale Ticket Alert (No Email)
    MSBbots Stale Ticket Alert
  4. When the bot-Stale Ticket Alert (No Email) tab opens, click Design
    MSPbots bot design
  5. On the Trigger window that opens, click the design icon to open the Widget Builder. 
    MSPbots Design on Trigger
  6. On the Widget Builder window, click the icon for Dataset to show Data Source. Then click the ellipsis button > Edit.
    MSPbots Edit Datasource 
  7. When the Dataset window opens, locate the row with Ticket Link as Alias and Hyperlink as Business Type. 
    MSPbots dataset settings
  8. Click the paintbrush button on the same row and enter the new URL for the bot in the Format field. 
    MSPbots Edit URL format
  9. Select {Ticket Link} as Data Columns Placeholder and click Save.

    MSPbots change data placehilder
  10. Click the Save button on the Dataset window.
  11. Click Apply on the Widget Builder window. 
  12. Click Save.  
  13. Click Confirm on the prompt that appears.
  14. Click Next, then Next. 
  15. Click Finish, then Save.
  16. Click Apply on the Widget Builder window. 
  17. Click Save on the bot-Stale Ticket Alert (No Email) tab
  18. Verify if the settings have been successfully applied. To verify: 
    1. Perform steps 1 to 4. Click Bot Messages. 
    2. Go to the list of generated Bot Messages and hover to a specific ticket. You should see the new URL appear in the lower-left corner of the window. Alternatively, you can check the data on the widget and click a ticket link. This should redirect to a new tab where the new URL is reflected.