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There are three switches that activate bots. Each switch has a different function, and you have to turn on the switch or switches that will satisfy your business requirement. 

Do this procedure after creating a bot and cloning a bot

To activate a bot:

  1. Navigate to Bots on the MSPbots menu and select the bot that you want to activate. 
  2. Notice the three switches on the bot Detail section. Turn on any or all of these switches according to the following descriptions:
    • Trigger - This switch allows bots to prepare all alert messages for sending. The alerts won't be sent if only this switch is enabled. 
    • Alert - Enabling this switch will instruct the bot to send the alert message to the recipient indicated in the Alert Script screen.
    • Escalate - This switch will instruct the bot to send the escalation alert and message to the user specified in the Escalation Script screen.

Activate bot

3. Verify if the bot is activated