Licenses give users access to MSPbots apps and dashboards. You may encounter any of the following situations when you have licensing issues:

  • The message “You don’t have permssions yet” is displayed on the screen.
  • Other users in your company can access MSPbots apps but you can’t.
  • A user cannot access your company’s dashboards and reports.
  • You cannot add more users to access reports and assets. 

Check for the following to ensure smooth access to MSPbots apps and assets:

  1. You have the license to access our apps.
    Please view the following links for help with assigning licenses to users:
    How to Assign and Remove a License for Attendance Manager 
    How to Assign and Remove a License for NextTicket Manager

  2. You have the correct role and permission.
    Some settings and reports require you to have specific permissions for access. For example, you must have financial access to access financial reports. To ensure that the correct role is assigned, please refer to the article MSPbots User Roles and Descriptions

  3. You have reached the paywall for the allowed number of users.
    You can only assign the maximum number of licenses allowed in your bundle or package.
    To grant access when you have maximized the allowed number of users, you may do any of the following: 

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