This article discusses the following topics about the MSPbots Paywall and Billing setup:

1. What are the MSPbots paywall notifications?

Paywall notifications appear when your MSPbots plan has been fully consumed, or when you access an asset that is not part of your current plan. When this happens, your access to MSPbots assets will be restricted, and you will get recommendations on how to proceed.

These are the paywall notifications that users encounter.

Dashboards and Widgets Paywall Notifications

Bot Usage Paywall Notification


MSPbots clients are subscribed to the Free Bundle setup by default. This bundle has limited features and user access; it has a time-based free trial on system integrations. To fully maximize the benefits of the MSPbots features on your business, we recommend upgrading your bundle or subscribing to new assets and plans

What are the roles and fees assigned to new users? 

  • For the A LA CARTE package: New users synchronized from Office 365 will be assigned a User role, and related fees will not be automatically charged to the tenant account that purchased the package.
  • For the STARTUP/PROFESSIONAL package: New users synchronized from Office 365 will be assigned a Dashboard Only role, and related fees will not be automatically charged to the tenant account that purchased the package.

2. Setting up your billing account

Get your account ready for future transactions and set up billing with these steps:  

  1. Log in MSPbots app and navigate to Settings > Billing.
  2. On the Billing tab, navigate to the Pay Method section and click the + ADD NEW button.
    image add payment method
  3. Select Add Credit Card or Add Bank Account
    image select payment method
    • If you selected Add Credit Card, fill in the following information on the Create Card tab: 
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Card Number
      • Exp. Month
      • Exp. Year
      • Security Code
        image credit card info
    • If you selected Add Bank Account, fill in the following information on the ACH tab: 
      • Name as per Account
      • Account Number
      • Routing Number
        image ACH info
  4. Click Save to add the new billing account. The card number or bank account number will be saved in the Pay Method section. Use this information for your future transactions. 
    image pay methods

3. Verifying your ACH account 

You need to verify your ACH account if you added a bank account to your payment method. To do this,

  1. Go to the Pay Method section on the Billing screen. 
  2. Click the Verify link beside your bank account. 
    image verify ACH 
  3. On the Verify window, enter two Verification Amounts and click Confirm
    image verify amount
  4. The authentication process is successful once your ACH account no longer shows Pending Verification
    image ach authentication success

4. Upgrading your plan or bundle 

Boost the benefits of MSPbots on your business by upgrading your plan or bundle. Once you've set up your billing account, you can follow these steps to upgrade: 

  1. On the Billing tab, navigate to the Your Bundles section and click Upgrade. You will be redirected to the Marketplace

    Pay Method
  2. On the Marketplace, select the Startup Plan or Professional Bundle, then click the Upgrade button. 

    For details like the products and services that come with these packages, visit the MSPBots Pricing List page.

  3. Customize your plan further by selecting Pay Monthly or Pay Annually. The system automatically multiplies the number of users by the cost of the selected plan.

For example: Select the Startup Bundle.

The Startup Bundle gives access to up to ten (10) users. If your MSP has more than 10 users, you can purchase slots for additional users when you select to pay monthly or annually.



                Total Cost =   Startup Bundle ($499)  +  Extra number of Users x cost per user (4 x $49 = $196)

                                 =  $499 + $196

                                 =  $695

The Startup Bundle also entitles clients to up to 4 BI packages. You can add BI packages by clicking +Add and selecting the BI packages. You can change this selection later.


4. Next, click the Purchase button. When the Your Order window appears, review the details of your order and click the Proceed To Checkout button.

5.  Complete your order by clicking the Pay $XXX & subscribe button. Click Close when prompted.
  pay and subscribe

6.  Go back to Marketplace > Bundles and verify your upgrade. For example, if you upgraded to Startup, you should see the Current Plan button in this section.
current plan Bullet list

7.  To view billing updates, go back to Settings > Billing.  Check for the following:

  • The Your Bundles section shows your current plan. 
  • When clicked, the Bundles Usage tab shows the list of Assets, Quantity, and the Next Billing date.

5. How to purchase or subscribe to new assets (A la Carte Usage)

  1. Go to the MSPbots Marketplace and click the asset that interests you. Select BI Packages, Bots, Apps, or Featured apps. If you need Bots for your company, click the Bots tab and choose Bot Usage for a specific number of bots.
  2. Next, click the Purchase button in the Bot Usage window. 
    Bot Usage 
  3. Choose to pay monthly or annually and select a number for the Max number of bots. The cost will be calculated automatically according to your selection.
  4. Click Purchase when done with your selection.
    customize purchase 
  5. Review your order and click the Proceed To Checkout button.
    Proceed to checkout 
  6. Lastly, click the Pay & Subscribe button to complete your order. Click Close when prompted.
    Complete order 
  7. Validate your purchase on Billing > A la Carte Usage and check if the new asset is on the Assets list.

6. How to view your billing history and get an invoice copy

To view the details of your billing history, go to Billing and scroll down to the Billing History section. This section shows the Transaction ID, Transaction Time, Card Number, Amount, and a link to the downloadable Invoice.

billing historyBilling a la carte usage

To download a copy of the invoice, click the download icon under the Invoice column.

Below is a sample invoice.

   MSPbots invoice

7. How to cancel an A la Carte Usage subscription 

  1. Go to the Billing page and click the A la Carte Usage tab.
  2. Select the specific package to cancel and go to the Action column.
    cancel subscription
  3. Click the Cancel icon then click Cancel Now when prompted.  
    cancel icon  cancel prompt
  4. A pop-up message that says "Successfully reactivated your subscription" will appear to confirm the cancellation.
    successful reactivation