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How to connect SyncroMSP to MSPbots 

  1. Secure the Site and Token information for your SyncroMSP account.
    1. Go to SyncroMSP API Tokens page and click the +New Token button. 
    2. Click the Custom Permissions tab.
    3. Give the new token a Name
    4. Enter an Expiration date. 
    5. Select the Permissions that you want to activate. 
    6. Select the Create API Token option. 
      token permissions
  2. Log in to the MSbots app and navigate to Integrations on the menu.
  3. On the Integrations tab, search for SyncroMSP and click it. 
  4. Enter the Site and Token in the corresponding fields.
  5. Click Save And Sync
  6. Once SyncroMSP is connected successfully to the MSPbots app, an automatic generation of the webhook callback url will occur. Simply click copy this webhook callback URL to copy this webhook callback URL. 
    SyncroMSP webhook callback URL

    The webhook callback URL is a real-time callback URL provided by the MSPbots app to establish a seamless connection between the SyncroMSP integration and the MSPbots app.

    When specific events or notifications occur in SyncroMSP, such as ticket updates or device failures, the webhook is triggered instantly and transmits the corresponding data to the MSPbots app. This ensures that you have immediate access to important SyncroMSP information within the MSPbots, allowing prompt responses and decision-making.

    The webhook callback URL also eliminates the need for manual checking of SyncroMSP. As a result, you can easily track and manage notifications and events originating from SyncroMSP and seamlessly integrate with other business processes or tools.

  7. In the SyncroMSP app, navigate to SYNCRO ADMINISTRATION > Notification Center and paste the value of the webhook callback URL into the Webhook URL field.  
    image SyncroMSP webhook URL field
    If the API is not authorized, you will see a synchronization failure log on the API details page like the example below.
    API error
    For information on investigating and resolving synch issues, read the article How can I fix the red number alert on Integrations? and section 2.2 in the article Integrations

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