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The Attendance Manager is an application that tracks employee attendance and statuses. The Attendance dashboards give you visibility on each team member's status and integrate with your PSA to show the in-progress tickets, including the total time a member has been working on them. 

Attendance bots remind employees to log their attendance promptly. These bots alert managers about attendance issues and have prebuilt dashboards for attendance-related reports and monitoring. 

Reasons why you should use the Attendance Manager

  • Improved utilization. The Attendance Manager helps improve billing utilization to a target goal of 85% in 4-6 weeks. Work hours are appropriately recorded and the calculation of utilization is done more accurately. 
  • Complete and effortless visibility. The Attendance Manager gives you improved visibility of your MSP or business. With the Attendance dashboard, you see who is working, which tickets are assigned to your technicians, and which tickets are in progress at the moment. 
  • Micro-training bots save time and energy. Attendance bots are micro-trained to help you improve employees' work habits. Management efforts spent on monitoring the status of employees are greatly reduced to allow you to focus on other areas.​
  • Real-time messaging encourages prompt action-taking. The robots remind employees instantly at the time issues are identified and send follow-ups promptly until the recommended action is taken.

  • No coding knowledge is needed. The Attendance alert messages are delivered using a flexible, no-code workflow. Messages are highly targeted messages and give users exactly what they need to know without fuzzy coding.
  • Compliance with the labor law. Some states have local labor laws that might require you to keep a detailed clock in/out record of your hourly-paid employees. The Attendance Manager helps you to precisely track the working hours of hourly-paid employees in accordance with the law. You can read more information on this and other features on the Attendance page.  

More information on the Attendance Manager is available at these links: