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  1. Log in to the MSPbots app, and go to Scorecards

  2. When the Scorecard Dashboards tab opens, search for the dashboard that you want to clone.
    Scorecard Dashboards

  3. Click the ellipsisbutton on the right side then click Clone

  4. When the Clone pop-up appears, tick the checkbox for Clone the Associated Widgets. You can also review and modify the following as needed:

    • Name - Give the scorecard a new name.

    • Role - Make sure the roles that need access to the scorecard are selected.

    • Description - Enter your scorecard's description here. 
      clone popup

  5. Click Continue. This will open the cloned scorecard.
  6. When the tab of the cloned scorecard opens, go to the right side of the screen and click the Show Scorecard icon. 
    show scorecard
  7. Hover over the upper-right corner of the scorecard, click the ellipsis button, and select Edit
     edit scorecardImage Modified
  8. Next, go to Dataset on the Widget Builder window, click on the ellipsisbutton, and select Edit
    edit dataset scorecardImage Modified

    If you have more layers of data, repeat this and the next steps for all the layers.

  9. On the Dataset window that opens, find the real_name filter and type or select the name of the team member. 
     real name
    Other filters that also allow you to select or change users are email and member_id

  10. Click Save
  11. Next, go to Config and select a User
    select user
  12. Then select a Refresh Cron option to set how often you want the scorecard to generate a snapshot. 
    refresh cron
  13. Click Save and click Apply
  14. Repeat Steps 7 and onward for every widget that needs to be modified.