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  1. Navigate to Integrations on the MSPbots app. 
  2. Search for e-automate On-Premise and click it to open the connection settings. 

  3. Click the +Add Connector button.
  4. Fill in all of the following required fields.
    • Database Type  - Select either SQL Server or MySQL.
    • Agent - The agent will be populated automatically with the name of the installed machine.
    • IP - Provide the internal IP address or FQDN of the e-Automate SQL or MySQL database server.
    • Database Name
    • Time Zone - Select the time zone used by the connected database.
    • User ID - This is the username of the user with read-only access to the database.
    • Password - This is the password of the user with read-only access to the database.

      It may take a few moments for the agent to check in after installation. 

      If you have installed multiple MSPbots agents with different databases in different network segments, you have to select the device name where you manually installed the MSPbots Agent. You can find the device name in the Agent selection box. Select the one under the corresponding gateway of the database.

  5. Click Save And Sync.