To connect MSPbots to Slack, you need to sign in to Slack using your workspace name and give MSPbots permission to access your workspace.

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  • Before you start, ensure that you have a Slack account and a Slack workspace. 

How to get my workspace name

Follow these steps to get your Slack workspace name: 

  1. Log in to Slack.
  2. Click your workspace on top of the sidebar and select your workspace profile from the dropdown. This will show your workspace details.
    image select your slack workspace
  3. When the Edit workspace details window opens, go to the URL field and copy your workspace name from the given URL. For example, if the URL is, copy your-workplace and use it for logging in to Slack. 
    image workspace URL

How to set up my integration with Slack 

Do the following steps to connect Slack to MSPbots: 

  1. Navigate to Integrations in the MSPbots app.
    image navigate to integrations
  2. Search for Slack and click it to open the connection settings. 
    image Slack integration with MSPbots
  3. Click Sync.
    image sync Slack with MSPbots
  4. Enter your Slack workspace name and click Continue. For instructions on how to get your Slack workspace name, go to the section How to get my Slack workspace name
    image sign in slack workspace
  5. Follow the prompts to log in to your Slack workspace. For example, use your email to sign in to your MSPbots workspace.
    image sign in slack mspbots
  6. Next, check for the code sent to your email and enter it in the boxes.
    image enter slack code
  7. When asked to give the MSPbots app permission to access the MSPbots Slack workspace, click Allow.
    image allow access to workspace
  8. A redirect success window opens and shows that MSPbots has successfully connected to the MSPbots Slack workspace.

    The MSPbots app is automatically installed in Slack as soon as a successful connection is established. To verify the installation, log in to Slack and navigate to More > Apps
    image slack apps

    You should see MSPbots on the list of downloaded apps.
    image MSPbots installed in Slack 

    You can also check the navigation links on the sidebar. MSPbots should appear under Apps.  
    image MSPbots in Slack

How to send messages to Slack

You can send messages directly to Slack chats right after the MSPbots App is installed in Slack's Apps. To start sending messages, configure the Alert bot block and add MSPbots to the Slack channel to start sending messages to Slack. 

Do the following:

  1. Configure the Alert bot block in MSPbots to send messages to Slack. For instructions on setting up the Alert bot block, refer to the section Define the Alert Script in the article How to Create a Bot
    image alert bot block with Slack options

  2. Next, add the MSPbots app to the channel in Slack.
    1. In the conversation bar of the channel where you want to send messages, type @ and select MSPbots.
      image MSPbots in Slack channel.  
    2. When the prompt Want to add this person instead? opens, click Add to Channel.
      image add to channel 
    3. A message that says "MSPbots joined" means you can start sending messages to this channel in MSPbots. 

      image MSPbots joined
      Currently, only the help and nt commands are supported. 

      Entering the command /help gets the ticket's description and company details. It will return a message like the following: 
      image command help message
      Clicking the Next tickets button on this message returns the next ticket information, while clicking the Reject this ticket button brings up the Reject Ticket pop-up window where you must provide the reason for rejection. 
      image reject ticket pop-up

      On the other hand, entering the /nt command returns the next ticket in your PSA and its details.  

      The /help and /nt commands are not displayed in the conversation list. If you see the following message, follow the instructions below. 
      image slack chat message
      1. Go to Settings > User Management on the MSPbots navigation bar. 
      2. Find the user on the User Management list and click the corresponding Edit button under the Action column. 
      3. In the Edit window, scroll down to the THIRD-PARTY PLATFORM MAPPING section and check if the user's name is selected under Slack User Mapping. If it is not selected, select it and click Confirm. If it is already selected, wait for the data synchronization to complete. This may take around ten minutes. after which you can start using commands in the Slack chat dialog. 

      image Slack user mapping

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