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The Public Application Programming Interface (API) function is an interface that allows sharing your datasets and widgets with your clients. In the Public API section of the MSPbots app, you can create, share, and delete your own API key. Once you have made and shared your public API, your clients can access the datasets and widgets assigned to that key.

What's on this page: 

1. How to access the Public API section

To access the Public API section, log in to MSPbots and navigate to Settings Public API

Public API

2. How to add, copy, and remove an API key

  1. Create an API key: 

    1. Go to the Public API tab and click the Add New Key button. 

    2. Input a Name, select Custom for Type, and provide a short Description for your API.

      add new key 

    3. Click Save.

  2. Copy the API Key

    1. Select the API you created in Step 1 from the APIKey dropdown. 
      select API

    2. Click the copy icon to copy the API. Send this to your clients for access to your datasets and widgets. 
      copy api key

To remove an API Key, click the Remove This Key button. Removing an API key will draw your client's access to the datasets and widgets you assigned to the key. 

remove key

3. Connecting your data to an API

3.1. Binding a dataset to the API key

  1. Go to the Public API tab, click Datasets, and hit the Add button. 
    add dataset
  2. On the Add Dataset window, select the dataset or datasets that should be accessible with the API key.
     select dataset
  3. When done selecting the datasets for binding, click the Selected button to view your selection. You may remove datasets from the list by clicking the X sign corresponding to the dataset for removal. 
    add select dataset
  4. Click Add Selected once you confirm the list is correct. 
  5. Then you can see the selected dataset in the dataset list.

3.2. Binding a widget to the API key

  1. Go to the Public API tab, click Widget, and hit the Add button. 
    add widget
  2. On the Add Widget window, select the widget or widgets that should be accessible with the API key.
     select widgets
  3. When done selecting the widgets for binding, click the Selected button to view your selection. You may remove widgets from the list by clicking the X sign corresponding to the widget for removal. 
    add select widget
  4. Click Add Selected once you confirm the list is correct. 
  5. Then you will see the selected widget in the widget list.

4. Stop connecting your data to the API

To disconnect and unbind data to the API

  1. click the Delete icon for the datasets and widgets. 
  2. Click Confirm to finish the deletion. 
    confirm deletion

5. Enable Public API Switch 

The Enable Public API feature is the global switch that controls the availability of the Public API feature. To activate, switch the Enable Public API toggle ON.  If disabled, the API Keys and all connected data will be inaccessible. 

enable public api

6. Summary

  • Public API provides an HTTP-based API that follows the principles of REST.
  • The HTTP rules allow the use of simple HTTP clients like cURL.
  • The URLs are resource-oriented, the request format is form-encoded, and the responses are JSON.
  • All operations are read-only.

7. Resources

Public API follows the REST model of exposing resources as URLs. The unified domain name of all interfaces is:


8. Request, Response, Sample Request


Depending on the type of operation, the endpoints use one of two HTTP methods: POST, GET


The response is in JSON format.



curl https://api.mspbots.ai/api/dataset/{resourceId} -H 'apikey: {apiKey}' -X GET




curl https://api.mspbots.ai/api/widget/{resourceId} -H 'apikey: {apiKey}' -X GET



Supported query criteria

(Please Note: Currently, widgets that include measure or calculate layers are not supported.)

sample URL with conditions:

dataset: https://api.mspbots.ai/api/dataset/{resourceId}1?current=1&size=2&project_name=back

widget: https://api.mspbots.ai/api/widget/{resourceId}?current=1&size=10&Real Name=n&Update Date=2021-10-10,2023-03-30,2023-04-05&Id=,1534956341424005122

Logical OperatorsField Typeexample
Is Emptystatus=


Later Than (>=)

Earlier Than (<=)

between (>= and <=)

Multiple intervals
(>= and <=) or (>= and <=)

(>= and <=) or (=)

(>= and <=) or (>=)


9. Sample Error Responses 

  1. Rate limits
  2. Invalid apiKey: Error or deleted
  3. Resource unbound
  4. The resource does not exist
  5. HTTP 502 error status code, please refer to Receiving HTTP 502 Error Status Code When Fetching Data Requests from Widget Using Public API for resolution.

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