To edit a widget on a dashboard:

You must have admin access to edit a widget. 

  1. Clone the widget for editing. 
  2. Navigate to Dashboards on the MSPbots menu and go to My Dashboards
    my dashboards 
  3. Open the dashboard where the widget is.
  4. Find the widget for editing, click on the ellipsis button, and select Edit
    edit widget
  5. Do your modifications on the Widget Builder and click Apply when done. 
    widget settings

You can also edit the widget from the Widgets tab.

  1. Navigate to Widgets on the MSPbots menu and go to My Widgets.
    my widgets
  2. Click the ellipsis button corresponding to the widget, and select Edit. This opens the Widget Builder where you can edit the settings.
    edit widget
    You may also click on the widget's name to open the Widget Builder.

  3. Do your modifications and click Save when done. 

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