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MSPbots has a Service Management Assistance (SMA) Program that aims to help MSPs improve operation efficiency and ensure that technicians reach their full potential and increase profit. A dedicated MSPbots assistant serves as the point of contact for Service Managers who are using MSPbots’ products and services.

One of the services offered by the SMA Program is to reach out to technicians on late time entries issues via Microsoft Teams. To facilitate communication, the administrator must first add MSPbots.assistant@mspbots.ai as a guest account in Teams.

To add the MSPbots assistant to Teams: 

  1. Go to the Microsoft Teams dashboard.
  2. Select the Teams channel where you want to receive messages from the MSPbots assistant. 
  3. Click the ellipsis button on the right side of the Teams channel.
  4. Select Add member.
  5. Type MSPbots.assistant@mspbots.ai and add as a guest account.
  6. Save your modification.

add member