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Team members can log their attendance on MS Teams instead of using the Attendance Dashboard buttons. This page lists the commands that you can use to log attendance via your team's channel or chat in MS Teams. 

You must meet the following requirements before you can use the chat commands: 

These are the chat commands for recording attendance.  

INThe IN command updates your status to IN as you start your workday.
OUTThe OUT command updates your status to OUT as you end your workday.
BREAKThe BREAK command updates your status to BREAK to start your break time.
LUNCHThe LUNCH command updates your status to LUNCH to start your lunchtime.
BACKThe BACK command updates your status to IN after your break/lunch.
STATSThe STATS command gives your current service stats as a technician.
ONSITEUse the ONSITE command when providing onsite service at the client's location.
WFHUse the WFH command to log in when working from home. 
PTOUse the PTO command to apply for Personal Time Off via MS Teams.
HELPUse the HELP command to show all commands in MS Teams.

How to use the chat commands

Open MS Teams then go to your team's chat or channel and type the appropriate command. 


Type IN to start your workday and press ENTER on your keyboard. Suggestions will appear as you type. 

in command

You will receive a message confirming your status is set to IN.

in status

Users with the admin role can customize commands in MS Teams by configuring the Message Command block. For a guide on how to do this, read the article  How to Customize the Commands Used in Chat.