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Before adding a slicer to the dashboard

  1.  Make sure that dashboards with widgets are available. 
  2.  Set up a slicer or identify a template slicer to use.

To add a slicer on the dashboard 

  1. Navigate to Dashboards on the MSPbots app.
  2. Search for the dashboard that needs updating.  
    devices count
  3. Click the dashboard to open. Let's use the dashboard below as an example. We will add a company slicer to filter the device count for each company.

    devices count dashboard 
  4. Add a slicer. Start by clicking the Design button on the upper right section of the screen. 
    slicer design
  5. Next, click Add Widget.
    add widget
  6. On the Add Widget window, click Slicer List then search for the slicer you want to use. You can search from either the My Slicers or Slicers Template tab. slicers list
    Refer to How to Create Slicers in Widgets for help with setting up slicers.

  7. Select your chosen slicer and click Add.  
    add slicer
    The slicer is now added to your dashboard. 
    dashboard with slicer


    To make the slicer work successfully with the other widgets on the dashboard, you need to update all the widgets and add the slicer as one of its filters in the setup. Please be guided by the steps below.

  8.  To add the slicer to the widget:

    1. Click the ellipsis ... icon on the widget and select Edit.
      edit widget 
    2. Click the Dataset icon, then click the ellipsis ... and select Edit
    3. Go to the Filter section. Add a new condition by clicking (plus) > + Add Condition.

      add condition 
    4. Next, click the AND tab and do the following:
      1. Select the column name for the slicer. Example: customer_name
      2. Select IN as the query string. 
      3. Tick the Slicer checkbox. 
      4. Click the Slicer field and select the slicer for the corresponding integration.
      5. Choose a Slicer setup. Example: Customer slicer
        and condition

        Do not select the OR operator for slicers.

    5. Click the Save button to save the changes. 

9. Finally, on the Widget Builder window, click Apply to enable the slicers setup on the widget.

You have to repeat steps 8 to 9 for all the widgets on the dashboard to apply the slicer (e.g., company_name) and make sure it works on all widgets.