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MSPbots widgets like the Progress Tracker widget help you to quickly view critical data and highlight action items at a glance. Progress Tracker is helpful in monitoring processes or services in a workflow. This article shows the procedure for creating a progress tracker widget, which you can further customize according to your business needs.

Watch this video or follow the procedure below to create a progress tracker widget.

To create a progress tracker widget

  1. On the MSPbots menu, navigate to Widgets.
  2. On the Widgets tab, click New Widget.
    New Widget
  3. When the New Widget window appears, select the Progress Tracker widget type.
    Progress tracker widget
  4. When the Widget Builder window opens, provide the following: 
    • Name - Give the widget a name. 
    • Description - Provide a short description. 
    • Role - Select User or Admin.
      widget builder
  5. Click the Apply button.
  6. Go to Dataset and click the + button. This will open the Add New Layer window.
    dataset data source
  7. Click New Layer on the Add New Layer window. This step opens the Dataset window.
  8. Do the following on the Dataset window: 
    1. Select a dataset to use. 
    2. Give the data source a name.
    3. Add columns by selecting an option from the Column Name dropdown list and assigning an Alias and Business Type for each. Click the (plus) icon to add more rows.
    4. Add values for the Filter and Measure
  9. Click the Save button.
  10. Click Apply to show a preview of the progress tracker widget that you created.
  11. Next, go to Config and set the following:
    • Measure - Select the measure value that the progress tracker will show. 
    • Suffix - Input a corresponding label or footer title for the resulting data. 
    • Minimum - Set the minimum value of the tracker.
    • Maximum - Set the minimum value of the tracker. 
    • Step 1 - Select the desired color for Step 1. This is the minimum range for the progress tracker. 
    • Step 2 - Select the desired color for Step 2. This is the middle range for the progress tracker.
    • Step 3 - Select the desired color for Step 3. This is the maximum range for the progress tracker.
      widget builder
  12. Lastly, click Apply on the widget to show a preview