Issue Description

An error in data synchronization is encountered in the AutoTask Integration in MSPbots. The status shows "Failed" and the error "The logged-in Resource does not have adequate permissions to query this entity type" appears. This error occurs during the AutoTask data synchronization via API. Below is the screen with the error message. 

image AutoTask integration error

Possible Root Cause 

The API user in AutoTask is assigned the MSPbots API security level, which does not have permission to administer tags. 


To resolve the issue, increase the permission of the API user in AutoTask. Go to the Security Level window for MSPbots API and select the following options under Other Permissions

  • Can administer tags and tag groups
  • Can remove tags from tickets
    image AutoTask security level other permissions

For instructions on how to set up your AutoTask connection with MSPbots, refer to the article AutoTask Integration Setup.

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