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Some users do not need full access to all MSPbots assets but need to view specific dashboard assets. For this, admins can grant these users Dashboard Only access. 

Assigning the Dashboard Only role or access is also a way to grant access to a user when you have used up all your paid licenses but are not yet ready to purchase another seat. This role, however, does not grant access to financial reports and the rest of the MSPbots assets.

To give a user the Dashboard Only access: 

  1. Launch the MSPbots app and navigate to Settings > User Management
    user management
  2. On the User Management tab, scroll down to find the user name of the person needing the Dashboard Only access or search for the name. 
    find user
  3. Once the user is located, click the icon corresponding to the name.
    edit user
  4. On the Edit pop-up, scroll down to Account Information and select Dashboard Only from the Role Config dropdown list. 
    dashboard only
  5. Click Confirm.

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