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The client encountered the following error in Teams when installing the MSPbots app: 

Error app not found

One of the following may be causing this error:

  • Office 365 is set to block the installation of new apps.
  • MSPbots is not properly installed. 

This article gives the steps on how to troubleshoot this issue. Make sure that you have administrator rights before proceeding. 

Do the following to fix the error: 

  1. Set MSPbots to be Allowed in Teams. Use this guide to check if Teams is set to block the installation of new apps. 
    If this did not resolve your issue, proceed to the next step.
  2. Reinstall MSPbots properly using any of the following methods:
  3. Setup Teams Global Policy to push MSPbots to all users
    If your issue remains unresolved after performing the above procedures, reach out to Customer Support for assistance.