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  1. Open the MSPbots app as administrator. 
  2. Navigate to Dashboards on the menu and open the dashboard or report that needs to be configured for a new schedule.

  3. Click image schedule report iconthe Schedule Report icon to access the Schedule Report page. 
    image schedule a report icon

  4. Next, click the +New button or the Create a New Schedule button. Both actions will open the New Schedule window.
    image create a new schedule buttons 


    Existing scheduled reports are found in the Scheduled tab like the example in the image below. 

  5. Enter a unique Schedule Name in the New Schedule window. The recipient's name is used as the default Schedule Name when the field is left blank. 
    image new schedule window

    The default delivery option is to send via email. There is no support for other options or customization at this time.

  6. Anchor
    Send filtered dashboard
    Send filtered dashboard
    Go to the Email recipient(s) dropdown menu and select the emails of the recipients. You can select multiple email addresses.

    • Send carbon copies or blind carbon copies of your report by clicking the CC or BCC links. You can also select multiple email addresses from these dropdown lists. 

    • Optional: Select the option Send filtered dashboard for the associated company of each recipient if you want to send scheduled reports with filters for the recipients' mapped company. 
      This option appears only when there is a slicer with QueryParams="Company" in the dashboard. If selected, you need to configure the PSA by selecting Autotask, ConnectWise, Kaseya, Syncro, or Halo.
      For the complete prerequisite information for sending filtered dashboards, go to the section on prerequisites for using the company's PSA
    • Optional: Enable Save Slicer to apply the selected slicers to the scheduled reports. This option only appears when your dashboard has slicers except the Company Slicer.

      The Save Slicer option is enabled by default. When enabled, the current slicer list will be applied to scheduled reports.
      The slicers on this list are those you added when you created your report and dashboard. If you need to modify the slicers, go to the dashboard and click Design > Add Widget to add or delete slicers. 

  7. Set the Frequency for sending the report.
    • If needed, customize the time zone according to different locations and preferences worldwide. 
    • Select Advanced Scheduler > Setting to configure how often you want to send your report.  
      image advanced scheduler
  8. Next, select the sender's email from the From dropdown list. 
    image from field dropdown menu
  9. Then, type an appropriate subject in the Add a custom subject field, and click the image add token iconadd token icon. You can refer to the token descriptions below for guidance. 
    image add custom subject and token   
    • {{recipient_company_name}} is for the recipient's company name. 
    • {{recipient_name}} is for the recipient's full name. Use first name and last name if the full name is not available. 
    • {{report_name}} is for the dashboard's name. 
    • {{report_owner_name}} is for the dashboard owner's name. 
    • {{report_owner_email}} is for the dashboard owner's email address. 
    • {{report_link}} is for the dashboard link. This link in the email is clickable; when you click on it, you will be directly taken to the dashboard.
    • {{report_url}} is for the dashboard's plain text URL. This URL in the email cannot be directly clicked to redirect to the dashboard. If you need to access it, you will need to copy the URL and open it in a browser.
    • {{your_company_name}} is for the sender's company name. Select a token for the email subject from the list. 
    • If your PSA is selected, you can get the values for {{recipient_company_name}} and {{recipient_name}} from the contact data in Autotask, ConnectWise, Kaseya, Syncro, or Halo.
    • If your PSA is not selected or the values for {{recipient_company_name}} and {{recipient_name}} cannot be obtained, set these values to null.

  10. Next, type the report body and click image add a token iconto add a token. Refer to the descriptions above as a guide.
    image select token for the message bodyImage RemovedImage Added
  11. Optional: Click on the Hide the email footer checkbox to hide the footer on the email. 
    image hide email footer
  12. Move down to the Attachment section and select an option for your reporting requirement:
    • Include PDF Attachment - Select this option to send your report in PDF format. This is the default selection. 

    • Include Shareable link - Select this option to automatically add the {{report_link}} token to attach your dashboard's link to the email. The placeholder {{report_link}} represents the actual dashboard link.
      image attach PDF of shareable link
  13. Click Save to keep the settings.
  14. The recipients will receive schedule report emails according to the frequency you have set.

    If the dashboard contains a slicer with QueryParams="Company", in order for the recipients to clearly identify the source of the scheduled reports regarding dashboards or reports sent via email, both the email subject and the PDF report file name include the company name obtained from the slicer with QueryParams="Company".

    If the dashboard does not include a slicer with QueryParams="Company", the scheduled report received by recipients does not display the company name.

    • After successful creation, the Scheduled tab displays the following information.
      • Report Name
      • Last Sent Timestamp
      • Frequency
      • Next Scheduled Time
      • Recipients
      • Saved Slicer(s)
    • If you need to configure the report schedule, click the image ellipsis options iconellipsis button on the right to see the available actions.  
      • Edit - Clickthis option to modify the information of the scheduled report. When you're done, click Save.
      • Send Now - Click this option to send the scheduled report email to the recipients.
      • Send To Me - Click this option to send the scheduled report to your email. You can use this option to preview the report before it is sent to clients or teams. 
      • Delete - Click this option to delete the scheduled report. Confirm the deletion when prompted.
        image options for scheduling a report