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    1. Start by activating the channel where the bot will send the alert message. Click the toggle for any of the following to switch the channel ON: 
      • Microsoft Teams Chat 
      • Microsoft Teams Channel 
      • Email 
      • Web Message
      • Slack Chat
      • Slack Channel
        image alert channel

        You can choose more than one channel based on your needs. 

    2. Set up the alert message.
      For example, to set an email alert:
      1. Click the Email toggle switch. This will show the email fields and the checkbox for Hide the message footer
      2. (Optional) Select the Hide the message footer checkbox to remove the additional information from the bottom of the email message.
        image email toggle
      3. Select a sender from the From dropdown list.
        image select from field
      4. Next, click the To field and select the recipients from the From Dataset Field, From Drill Through, or From User List fields.  You can also click CC or BCC to add recipients to these fields.
        image select to field
      5. Type the Subject of the email.
         image email subject
      6. In the section for the email message, compose a custom message for the alert message. 
        image email message
        You can use the Insert a Token button to select data to include in the message. Formatting options are also available to highlight message sections. 
      7. Select the Preview checkbox to show a preview of your message. 
        image preview message
        When Preview is selected, the toggle for Light Mode or Dark Mode also appears. Light Mode is enabled by default. Click the toggle to apply Dark Mode to your email.
        image dark mode
      8. Next, click Choose Template and select the message template you want to use. 
        image message template
        Selecting a template automatically changes the message in the message box. 

        You can also save your message and turn it into a template. 
        1. Click Save as a template
        2. Type a Template Name and select a Template Type
        3. Select View After Adding to add your template in Choose Template dropdown menu. 
        4. Click Add to save the current message as a message template. 
      9. Click Next when done. This action takes you to the escalation script setup.   

        For instructions on sending alert messages to MS Teams, refer to the article How to set up MSPbots to send messages to a Microsoft Teams channel.
        For instructions on sending alert messages to Slack, refer to the article Slack Integration Setup.

5. Set the escalation script.