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  1. Why do I get an error when I type “nt” in MS Teams?

    The nt command prompts Auto Ticket dispatch to send the next highest priority ticket to Teams. Using this command in Microsoft Teams may return the following error, especially when used for the first time:

    nt error

    Currently, the nt command applies the last filter used in the web UI. This requires users to access the NextTicket app before they could use it.

    In the future version of the Next Ticket app, the admin will be able to set up the default filters for each user.  


  2. Why does NextTicket Manager bring up the same ticket all the time? 

    You expect to see the next ticket in the queue after you type the nt command for the second time and onwards. However, NextTicket brings up the same ticket each time you enter nt.  How does NextTicket send tickets every time it receives the nt command?  

    How the nt command of NextTicket Manager works 

    The nt command triggers the NextTicket app to present users with the most important ticket to work on. The app does this by identifying the highest prioritized ticket based on the Point Priority rules set by the NextTicket admin. The user cannot move to the second or third prioritized tickets until they have worked on the first ticket, changed its status, or made changes that would recalculate the priority points. 

    Users can reject the ticket but are required to provide the reason for rejection. A rejected ticket is removed from view for an hour but will appear again if no action has been taken on it. The hour-long allocation allows the admin to adjust the priority rules according to the reason for rejection. 

  3. Who can configure the bots and the different settings (filters, rules, etc.)? 
    Only a user with Admin rights can modify the bot and the different settings in the app.

  4. How can I request a new priority point rule?
    You can request a new priority rule by clicking the Request New Rule button on the priority rules page. Our Support Team will receive your request and assess it for development. Please read How to Request a New Rule for NextTicket for information on how to do this. 

  5. How can I restrict users from accessing the app?
    You can restrict users from accessing the app by removing their licenses. For more information on removing licenses, please read How to Assign and Remove a License for NextTicket Manager

  6. How can I request a new field for a filter?
    You can submit a request to MSPbots support so that they can reach out to the development team to add the field for the filter. Please read How to Request a New Rule for NextTicket for information. 

  7. How can I delete a rule template?
    You can delete a rule template by clicking the delete icon corresponding to it. Please go to NextTicket Manager Priority Rules for the instructions. 

  8. Will technicians see the points awarded to tickets based on the MRR rule? 
    No, only admins can see the points assigned to a ticket.

  9. What happens to the rejected tickets?
    NextTicket removes rejected tickets from the queue for one hour after rejection. During this hour, the admin should update the rules or settings so that technician will get the correct ticket, and the rejected one won't be a priority ticket anymore. If the admin does not update within the hour, the ticket will queue back, and the technician will get it again. 

  10. Why can’t I access the NextTicket Manager? Why do I get the No Permission error when accessing NextTicket Manager?
    You need a license to be able to access NextTicket Manager. If you can't access the app, ask your admin, dispatcher, or manager for a license.  For more information on access issues and licensing, please read Users cannot access Attendance, NextTicket, or Dashboards