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Adding a company to the Watch List 

  1. On the NextTicket tab for your PSA, go to Settings then select Watch List for your PSA from the dropdown list.
    watch list
  2. When the Client Watch List tab opens, click the Add Company button.
    add company
  3. On the Add Company pop-up, search for the company for addition and tick the checkbox for it. You can select multiple companies. 
    select company
    If you want to show and select only companies with an agreement, tick the checkbox for Only show companies have an agreement
    company with agreement
  4. Click Save. Once you have added a company to the Watch List, you can now assign points to the Company in "Watch List" priority rule. 

Assigning points to a company on the Watch List

  1. On the NextTicker tab for your PSA, click the priority rules link. 
    priority rules
  2. Scroll down on the NextTicket Priority Rules list and locate the Company in "Watch List" priority rule. 
    company in watch list
  3. Assign higher positive points if you want to prioritize tickets logged under the companies on the Watch List, or give fewer or negative points to deprioritize tickets from these companies. 
    For a complete guide in activating, testing, and saving priority rules, please read the article NextTicket Manager Priority Rules.
  4. Ensure that the rule is enabled and the toggle switch is green. 

Deleting a company from the Watch List 

To delete a company from the list, click the icon corresponding to the company for deletion.