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MSPbots also has other APIs that utilize a complete synchronization method. However, for this issue, we cannot are currently unable to perform a complete data synchronization because in this case, . This is because it would increase the risk of API rate limiting. At the moment, we can handle a large amount of API data can be processed more efficiently through the an incremental data synchronization process, which does not include deleting data.

Applications and Required Permissions


  • In ConnectWise Manage integration, there are two types of data that are automatically deleted.

    • Data synchronized through the API with callback support for data deletion notification. This includes activity, agreement, contact, configuration, invoice, expense, opportunity, project, purchaseOrder, company, ticket, schedule, time.
    • Data synchronized through the API without support for data deletion notification, but for data within a time range of 1 day to 30 days. For this data, depending on the volume, we will perform data deletion checks and automatically remove data within thattime that time range.
  • Data that needs to be manually deleted in ConnectWise Manage integration.
    • Data synchronized through the API without support for data deletion notification and with a data time range exceeding 30 days cannot be automatically deleted and requires manual deletion. This includes Companies, Company Teams, Configurations, Invoices Email Templates, Invoices Templates, Orders, Products, Reports Activity, Reports Agreement List, Reports Configuration, Reports Contact, Reports Invoice Product, Reports Invoices, Reports Opportunity, Reports Product, Reports Schedule, Reports Service, Reports Time, Tickets.