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(The Original wiki:Sharing a Dashboard Using the Snapshot Function)

The snapshot function allows users to send updated screenshots of a dashboard via scheduled emails. Using this function, users have the option to show unfiltered data or company-specific data in the snapshot, depending on the relationship mapping of the email and company.


  1. Go to Dashboards and search for the dashboard that you want to share. 
  2. Click on the ellipsis ... icon and select Share from the options to open the Share Dashboard window.
    share dasbhoard 
    The Share option is found on the Dashboards tab with the search function only. When on a cloned dashboard's view, you have to go back to the Dashboards tab to find the Share option.

  3. On the Share Dashboard window, click the Snapshot tab and input the recipient's email addresses on the drop-down list. Leave the PSA field blank. 
    PSAImage Modified
  4. Next, set the frequency for the scheduled emails. Select Advanced Scheduler for more options.
  5. Put a checkmark on the Attach the dashboard checkbox, and select PDF to send the snapshot in PDF form
    select PDFImage Modified
  6. Provide an email subject, then click and select a token. Be guided by the token descriptions below. 
    email subject
    titleToken Descriptions
    • {recipient_company_name} is for the recipient's company name.
    • {recipient_name} is for the recipient's full name. Use first name and last name if the full name is not available.
    • {report_name} is for the dashboard's name. 
    • {report_owner_name} is for the dashboard owner's name.
    • {report_owner_email} is for the dashboard owner's email address.
    • {report_link} is for the dashboard link.
    • {your_company_name} is for the sender's company name.Select a token for the email subject from the list. 
      subject token
  7. Next, type the email body and click to add a token. Refer to the descriptions above as a guide. 
    email body token
  8. Tick the Include Shareable link checkbox to attach the dashboard's shareable link to your email. (Optional)
    include link
  9. Tick the Hide the email footer checkboxto hide the footer on the email. (Optional)
    hide footer

    • If your PSA is selected in the snapshot, the values for {recipient_company_name} and {recipient_name} can be obtained from Autotask, ConnectWise, or Kaseya's contact data.
    • If your PSA is not selected or the values for {recipient_company_name} and {recipient_name} cannot be obtained, set these values to null.
  10. Finally, click the Scheduled button to save the settings.
    scheduled emailImage Modified
    This new schedule will appear on the Scheduled list at the bottom of the window. For now, only one schedule can be set for each dashboard.

If you want to configure the scheduler, see the section on Scheduler Settings

Sharing company-specific data


To send a snapshot of a dashboard filtered for the recipients' mapped company, follow the steps in the previous section To share unfiltered data. In Step 3, don't forget to select an option from the PSA dropdown menu. Currently, the PSAs available are ConnectWise, Autotask, and Kaseya only.
PSA dropdown

The Snapshot feature will only work if the following prerequisites are satisfied:

  1. The user uses ConnectWise, Autotask, or Kaseya for ticket handling.
  2. The field for company_name or account_name is added to the columns display of the Dataset of the dashboard slicer.
    Image Modified
    Kaseya datasetImage Modified

  3. The client has a mapping relationship between the email and company or account name using the datasets below. MSPbots uses this mapping to sync the data from the client's PSA account.
    • Dataset for Connectwise:ConnectWise Manage Contacts

    • Dataset for Autotask: Autotask Contacts
      Image Modified
    • Dataset for Kaseya: Kaseya BMS Contacts Emails - API
      Image Modified
      The snapshot feature will not send an email to the email addresses if the company is not mapped in the dataset.

  4. The dashboard contains a company slicer.
    Image Modified
  5. In the dashboard slicer's Widget Builder window, the user must input the word “Company”(case-sensitive)in the QueryParams field under the config tab.
    Image Modified

Sending scheduled reports