A customized email reinforces branding efforts and enhances the credibility and recall of your company. You can use your company email instead of the default support@mspbots.ai for emailing customers. Do this by adding your email to the System Configuration in the MSPbots app. 

This article shows how to change the sender's email address when sending emails.

To customize the sending address of outgoing emails

open email settings gif

  1. Open the MSPbots app and go to Settings > System. 
  2. Click Outgoing Mail in the upper right corner of the Settings tab.
  3. Click Add and fill out the form. 
     image add email address form
  4. Enable the Show From Address option and enter a valid email address in the From Address field, then check the verification email sent to the email address you provided. 
    image show from address field

    Important reminders on filing the form

    • The value for the Password field is not your email login password.
      Ask for the App Password from software providers like Microsoft and enter it in the Password field. For example, if you use Office 365, ask for the App Password from Microsoft's My Sign-Ins | Security Info page. 
      image app password
    • Always use a valid email address for Username.
      Using an invalid email will prevent MSPbots from successfully sending the verification email. 

    • The Username field has a higher priority than the From Address field.
      Note that when the Username field has a valid email address, you do not need to turn on the Show From Address toggle switch or set an email in the From Address field because the email address in the Username field has a higher priority than the one entered in the From Address field. The system sends the verification email to the email address provided in the Username field first.
      image username and show from address fields

  5. Click Test Connection at the bottom of the form to verify if your connection is successful. 
    test connection
  6. Once you have verified your connection, click Confirm to save the settings.  
    confirm modification
    This action will prompt you to verify your email access. 
    verify email
  7. Open the verification email sent to the address you provided for configuration. Click the Verify link in the email. 
  8. Your email address should now appear on the System tab. A Verified status signifies that the SMTP server configuration is complete. 
    system configuration
  9. Check if the email you added now appears on the From dropdown selection of the Share Dashboard function. If it does, you can start sending reports and bot messages using this custom email. 
    from list
    Refer to the following articles for more information on sending snapshots and bot messages: 

Other configuration options in Settings: 

  • Edit - Click to edit the settings of an Outgoing Mail configuration.
  • Delete - Click to delete an Outgoing Mail setting from the list. 
    system actions

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